RentoRepo is a massage company that provides classic and sports massage treatments in Turku. Whether you have specific problem areas, just want to relax or you are an athlete, each treatment is designed especially for you and tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Services also include treatments from traditional chinese medicine as a student work (acupuncture, dry cupping, Gua sha etc.) Please contact for more information.

For further information and bookings, get in touch:
Address: Logomo Byrå, Köydenpunojankatu 14
20100 Turku

+35844 237 5461

Web booking

Please note that the web booking is in Finnish. Short instructions in English:

1. Sign in (kirjaudu) with your Facebook account or chosen email and password.
If you are a new user, click Uusi käyttäjä and fill in required information:

Email (sähköposti), username (käyttäjänimi), password (salasana), confirm password (salasanan varmistus), forename (etunimi), surname (sukunimi) and phone number (puhelin).

Last tick the box and confirm terms of service. Tick the second box except if you are underage, tick the first box and let your parents know that you are booking the massaging time.

2. Choose massage company (toimipiste): RentoRepo
3. Choose massaging minutes (palvelu): 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120
4. Choose time/ date for the massage from the available times/ dates on the calendar

Massage rates

Includes superficial heat treatments. A separate heat pack can be placed for example to treat muscle spasms.

Students | Pensioners | Unemployed

Massage packages

300 min 230 €
600 min 430 €

Minutes can be used as you want (also amongst several persons) by choosing time from the regular massaging times (30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes).